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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mock Presentations. The next couple of months are booked up with practice sessions, in preparation for our professional association meeting presentations. Two of the more pressing deadlines are for the AAMC and AEA in November.

The September 20th session focused on the AEA session titled, "Using Empowerment Evaluation to Facilitate Organizational Transformation: A Stanford University Medical Center Case Example." The focus is both on the method of empowerment evaluation and crossing boundaries across the medical school curriculum and the hospital, in order to provide a coherent and consistent educational message. (Often students have to "unlearn" what they learned in medical school once they begin their residencies. The aim of our overall effort is to reinforce what was learned throughout the entire educational experience.)

The critique was friendly but focused and extremely helpful. The process was engaging - we did not even notice the time go by. (Speaking of time, look at that clock in the picture on the left top of the screen. How may meetings do you go to that run over well into lunch and folks are still completely absorbed and refining their insights and ideas?)

To best use the group's time for critique, the panel meet before the research meeting to solidify their ideas concerning the themes they wanted to highlight for their session.


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